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Choose the Right Size Pump Equipment for Your Job
What is the distance you need to reach? Sit down and map out the job site and your requirements–it can be a hand sketch, but needs to include distances, heights and depths.  Once we understand your requirements, we can choose the correct pipe size to keep your cost to a minimum.

Concrete has a shelf life and an accurate concrete time is essential. We will work with you to ensure that the pump and our people are on site at the right time to ensure that those unforeseen events–which can be disastrous–will not occur. We will work with you to schedule the line pump so that we are ready when the concrete truck arrives and able to start pouring as soon as it arrives!

Make Sure the Address is Correct
The worst case scenario is concrete gone bad due to an incorrect address.  New subdivisions are frequently not on maps–resulting in confusion or a missed pour!  Be sure to give a number of landmarks and nearby addresses that you KNOW are on Google Maps to ensure everyone can locate your job site quickly.

There are Numerous Types of Concrete–Choose the Right One
Based on the structure, you may need a special type of concrete.  That concrete may need to be further customized to meet the site demands and line pump requirements.  We need to work together to ensure we have ordered the correct type of concrete mix for the job and our line pump. We will ask you for the phone number of your ready-mix supplier to avoid any mistakes.  Once concrete is brought to a job site, we cannot accept responsibility for revising or canceling your concrete order.

Measure The Job Site Accurately
Concrete is expensive…and too much or too little can be a terrible thing!  It is essential that you order the right amount of material for your job.  Use this Concrete Calculator to measure your project and then discuss this with us prior to ordering so that we can help you confirm your needs with your ready-mix supplier.

Job Site Considerations
It bears repeating:  Concrete has a shelf life.  Be sure that when we arrive the site has no debris and that we can access it safely and quickly.  We will chose where the line pump will go based on the concrete truck’s limitations; once we do that, you may need to move any obstacles (vehicles, wood stacks, etc.) from the area.

CLEAN-UP IS SIGNIFICANT.  Most sites will result in mud being tracked onto streets–are you responsible for cleaning the street (some municipalities have these requirements)? We will want a location to dump any excess concrete (for an added charge, we can take it with us) and water will be greatly valued.